When I receive a call to the Num2, it rings also on another phone, other than the device where the app is installed

There is an Apple feature whereby an incoming call to one iPhone device will ring also on other devices – phones, iPad, and even an Apple computer, if the following conditions are met:

  • On both devices, the same Apple account is set up and activated.
  • Both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi
  • The two devices are physically close to each other (for example, are in the same house)

Even if the user answered the call on the other device, and not the one on which the application is installed, the call will be updated and appear in the Num2 call.

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I received an incoming call from my Secondary number, but in the call log I see that the call was received from another number

This is an exceptional case that may occur on iPhones, when the incoming call notification was received on the Num2 app after the call arrived. In this case the user will see an incoming call from the “Num2”, and not from the person who actually called, but the call details including the caller ID will appear correctly in the call log.

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Some incoming or outgoing calls do not appear in the Num2 call log on iPhone device

The call log is properly updated as long as the device has Internet connection. If the internet is not connected on a device with an iOS (iPhone) operating system, you can still dial and receive incoming calls. After the internet is turned on, only the last one call made while there was no internet will appear in the call log.

In the event of an incoming call, and another waiting call on iOS devices, while the internet is not active on the device, the last disconnected call is the one that appears in the call log when the internet returns.

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When I dial from the app in VOIP mode, the app crashes

You probably have a HUAWEI device with Android 5 – Unfortunately, due to the limitation of this device model, it is not possible to make a VOIP call from the app.

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When I am in an active call in the app in VOIP mode, and there is another call on hold on the main device, I am not heard in the active call

The use of the device’s microphone input is designed this way by the device manufacturer – for a GSM call, which is on hold on your device, there is a higher priority for using the microphone, than for sharing the microphone with VOIP applications.

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