I set up call forwarding in the app to another number. If there is no answer, will the calls be transferred to the device’s or application’s voicemail?

In the case of a call forwarding setting the call is directed to an external number. If there is no answer on the external number, the call will be forwarded to the voicemail of the number to which the reference was made, if there is a voicemail in it, and not to the voicemail of the application.

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I purchased a package that includes VOIP calls. How do I switch from using the device dialer to using VOIP?

The setting is for users who have purchased a package that includes the option to make calls using VOIP instead of using the device dialer. Activating VOIP mode causes all incoming and outgoing calls to work on the Internet.

To switch to VOIP mode, go to the application menu >> Settings >> Use VOIP.

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Is it possible to dial from the Num2 app to emergency numbers?

When dialing from the application to emergency numbers, such as 100, 101 or 102 – the user will be transferred to the device dialer, and the actual dialing will be performed from the main number of your device.

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Is automatic working hours scheduling is at an additional cost?

The automatic working hours scheduling option for incoming calls is available to users who are on trial and to users who have purchased a service package. No extra charge is required beyond the cost of the service package.

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Can I import to WhatsApp the contacts defined under the Num2 phone book and not the device’s contacts?

Currently, it is not yet possible to import the contacts defined under the Num2 app phone book. When you import contacts to WhatsApp, you can only import your device’s contacts.
The app’s phone book can be exported to a CSV file and uploaded to the device.

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